Phase Shift


This Phase Shift Control board fills the need for a simple solid-state system to control any size SCR contactor. It is typically used for resistance welder transformer control, but can also be used for pure resistive loads. The control uses RC timing to allow settings from 10% to 99%. A manual power factor adjustment potentiometer is provided to match the control to the inductive load.

A single-turn potentiometer is provided for heat adjustment. This potentiometer can be located either on a remote cable, the front of the control board, or on the back. These mounting options allow for use in any application.


INPUT LINE VOLTAGE: 115V – 575V, field selectable, 60/50Hz (specify frequency when ordering) SIZE: 4-3/4” x 6-1/2” x 1-1/4”



Supplied with remote or board-mounted heat setting potentiometer and knob as specified by model number below

  • Mounting for use on control panel or back of cabinet door

  • Double pulse transformer output circuitry for high gate current

  • Socket mounted integrated circuit chips

  • Regulated built-in power supply

  • Double line voltage fuses in board-mounted insulated holders

  • LED indicators for Power, Initiation, and SCR firing signal

  • Mounting standoff fittings supplied

Model # Description


PHASE SHIFT board with remote potentiometer on 36” cable


PHASE SHIFT board with potentiometer mounted on front side of board.
Used for mounting on back panel of an enclosure


PHASE SHIFT board with potentiometer mounted on back side of board.
Used for mounting on back of enclosure door