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UNITROL Quality Control Features

  • Unitrol Option Technical Data Sheets

  • Be sure to check this document to be sure you get the proper QC options on your SOLUTION control. This helpful document gives detailed information about our most popular options to ensure you get the most out of your welding control.

    Soft Touch Flyer

  • This is the Soft Touch Sales Brochure. It is a nice overview of the Soft Touch Safety System in a single page.

    Soft Touch Demonstration Video

  • Download this video to see a demonstration of the Soft Touch system to prevent Electrode Pinch Point Injuries. High Speed Connections only.

    Soft Touch Documents (US) Soft Touch Documents (Canada)

  • Download this group of documents to get the whole story on the Unitrol Soft Touch System. This includes the Soft Touch Overview, Article, and OSHA sightings.

    Soft Touch Selection Chart

  • See this guide to help you determine which style of soft touch you need.

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