You will agree that
sets a new standard in simple, cost effective welding controls providing absolute timing and heat setting accuracy.

  • replaces old controls on all resistance welders
  • ideal for installation on new welders
  • available as a complete unit or retrofit package

in installation

Designed for easy installation without the need for special electronic knowledge or fancy equipment. Each system is shipped complete in a single, ready-to-mount control cabinet. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions for installation are included. A typical installation and basic 7 wire hookup should take about an hour and a half.
Important Note: Standard automatic power factor and digital electronics eliminate the need for any adjustments or calibrations. In fact, the SIMPLICITY has nothing to adjust–ever.


in flexibility
To meet your needs, SIMPLICITY includes as standard provisions for 2 stage initiation, single stage initiation, pressure switch interlock, limit switch interlock, external no weld, emergency stop, transformer over temperature, and contactor over temperature.


in maintenance
In the unlikely event of service, replacement of the P.C. board component should restore operation immediately. Replacement boards are always in stock for immediate shipment. In by noon–out by 4PM.
And you’ll like this– Unitrol’s exclusive 5 Year Limited Warranty protects your investment and assures you of years of continuous production.


in pricing
A pleasant surprise– with all the above features and benefits, Unitrol’s SIMPLICITY prices start at around $2000.00


in operation
There is no special training needed to operate SIMPLICITY. Settings are instantly made on direct reading push wheel switches. Dual level initiation gives your operator complete control where it counts most–at the welding tips. Indicator lights shine to verify power, solenoid operation, and weld in progress. And our quartz accuracy eliminates the need for continuous resetting.


in design
You will find al electronic components, including the power transformer, are conveniently located on one 7” x 8” printed circuit board. Your hook up wires are easily connected to terminals in the same P.C. board eliminating the need for wiring harnesses and interconnecting cables.
And if you require the addition of a control option, it can be installed without the need for additional electronics or circuit boards.


in performance
Your SIMPLICITY control will have the capability to do spot and projection welding on such materials as cold rolled, galvanized, stainless and aluminum.
In addition, an automatic repeat function, included as standard, allows for quality continuous high-speed welding.


in safety
A complete NEMA interlocking relay system, extra cost on some other brands, is included as standard along with photo optical isolation on all inputs and outputs. The SIMPLICITY also protects your welding transformer with an exclusive computer generated inrush protection system (replaces older “87½˚ first half cycle firing”).