SOFT TOUCH is now available for use
with Non-UNITROL brand controls!

Watch the video of Soft Touch in Action!

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More info on Soft Touch:
(downloadable .pdf files, get Adobe Acrobat Reader here)

Stand-Alone SOFT TOUCH for Non-Unitrol controls.pdf

Stand-Alone SOFT TOUCH Direction Book.pdf

SOFT TOUCH for Pneumatic Riveting Machines Direction Book.pdf

Dual Cylinder Retract Rocker Arm Welder.pdf

Universal SOFT TOUCH Brochure in Spanish (en Español)
Universal SOFT TOUCH Brochure in German (auf Deutsch)

Soft Touch for Unitrol SOLUTION controls.pdf

Welding Journal Safety Article Reprint.pdf

Soft Touch Selection Chart.pdf

Stand-Alone Soft Touch Selection Chart.pdf

Canadian Standards in Relation to Soft Touch.pdf

Soft Touch Trouble Shooting Instructions.pdf

Stand-Alone SOFT TOUCH Hookup Drawings