On all Unitrol Welding Controls the SOFTWARE VERSION can be found in the Instruction Manual that was shipped with your product.  See below for how to find this information, if you no longer have your instruction manual or are unsure if your instruction manual matches the product.

On all Models of Solution, Solution 2, & Solution 3 Phase Controls that are still under power:

Press the "PROGRAM" button then "86" then the "ENTER" button.  The software version will show briefly on the display.  Repeat the procedure as often as necessary until you get it recorded.

On Solution Welding Controls that are NOT under power:

Remote Keypad Data Entry (Solution, Solution 2, & Solution 3 Phase

  1. Unplug cable connected to back of console (keypad unit)
  2. Remove console from bracket
  3. Remove blue console back plate and mounting angles
  4. Locate the label covered integrated chips.  The software version is written on the label.

Keypad Data Entry mounted directly into Control Enclosure: Solution, Solution 2, & Solution 3 Phase

  1. Remove power from control and lockout main power.
  2. Remove the four outer screws on the white front plate and rotate this plate forward to a horizontal position. NOTE: on SOLUTION controls that have the printed circuit boards mounted on a hinged door, skip this step.
  3. The input and output wires are connected to terminals. These are actually removable plugs. Pull all terminal plugs from the back of the power supply board.
  4. Loosen the two screws holding the galvanized support bracket from the transformer to the front plate until only a few threads are left in the nuts.
  5. Remove the top inner screws on the front of the control (on edges of the keypad). Washers located between the front panel and the corner stand-offs should be pulled out and saved to reinstall later.
  6. Loosen the remaining lower inner two screws until only a few threads are left in the stand-offs.
  7. Carefully rotate the circuit boards away from the front white panel to expose the program chips (IC chips with white printed labels.) The printing on the labels is the software version.