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Technical Papers to Improve Your Resistance Welding

  • Influence of Water Temperature and Flow on Electrode Life

  • This technical paper explains in detail how proper water cooling can dramatically improve weld strength and appearance. This paper also shows the importance of HEAT STEPPERS when welding galvanized metal. This information is a MUST for all resistance welding operations. (electrode.PDF)

  • The Effect of Tip Force on Weld Quality and Electrode Life

  • This technical paper explains in detail the importance of TIP FORCE in the resistance welding process. Many quality control features are discussed as well. This often overlooked variable can make the difference between consistent high quality welds going to your customers or a high scrap rate going down the drain. (awspape2color.pdf)

  • Cures for a Sick Spot Welding Machine*

  • If you've ever had a spot welder go down you know what chaos it can cause. This helpful "How To" can show you where to look, what to check, and how to test the components on your spot welder. These diagnostic tools can get you back up and welding fast. (diagnostics1.pdf)

  • What You Don't Know About Spot Welding*

  • This document will show you many unusual and unique resistance welding applications from toasters to The Statue of Liberty. (what you dont know.pdf)

  • Making Resistance Spot Welding Safer**

  • This article discusses areas of potential injury on spot welding machines and presents practical solutions. This article is a must read. Don't let an unnecessary injury shut down your welding line. (welding journal safety article.pdf)

*These articles reprinted with permission from Practical Welding Today, Copyright 2001 by The Croydon Group, Ltd., Rockford Illinois USA

**This article reprinted with permission from the Welding Journal, May 2007; copyright American Welding Society, Miami Florida USA

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